pregnancy & postnatal services

Mint offers a range of services to assist throughout your pregnancy and during the recovery period postnatally.
Our Physiotherapy, Pilates, Massage and Fitness sessions have been adapted to specifically improve your pregnant or postnatal body. Mint has specialised equipment and appropriately qualified (and experienced) therapists to assist you throughout this most important time. For more information about each of our services, follow the links below:

  • Physio Pelvic Floor Assessment 12-40wks
  • Pregnancy Pilates anytime
  • SRC Pregnancy Shorts / Leggings 14-40 wks
  • Studio Sessions & Personal Training anytime                     
  • SRC Recovery Shorts 
  • Physio Postnatal Assessment (includes Pelvic Floor)
  • Postnatal Pilates (incl Mums & Bubs)
  • Studio Sessions & Personal Training (Mums & Bubs)

SRC Pregnancy Shorts & Leggings

FREE expert fitting available - please contact us to arrange a suitable time
  • can be worn from 16 weeks during pregnancy
  • provide much needed support to the Pelvic Floor & lower abdominals
  • reduce back/pelvic pain & pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • available as tights to provide graduated compression for varicose veins.
  • Private Health Fund rebates available
Pregnancy Shorts $189
Pregnancy Leggings $199

SRC Recovery Shorts & Leggings

FREE expert fitting available - please contact us to arrange a suitable time
  • can be worn whilst you're still in hospital! As soon as 24 hrs after vaginal birth or 72 hrs after C-section
  • measured and purchased anytime after 35 weeks during your pregnancy, in preparation for packing in your hospital bag!
  • shown to facilitate a faster recovery of Pelvic Floor and abdominals
  • graduated compression reduces swelling and provides support, enabling early movement
  • Private Health Fund Rebates available

Recovery Shorts $189
Recovery Leggings $199 ** NEW August 2017 **

Splints & Braces

Mint also has a range of splints & braces which can be expertly fitted by our Physiotherapists including Pregnancy (Pelvic Girdle / SIJ / Pubic Symphysis) belts, wrist & thumb splints, back supports




Safely returning to exercise after Bub is born:



  • SRC Recovery Shorts: can be worn anytime from 24hrs post vaginal delivery or 72hrs post C-section. Often they are most comfortable from 1 week an are usually worn for 3 mths or more.
  • Physio for breastfeeding: LASER for damaged & painful nipples, Ultrasound for blocked ducts and mastitis
  • Pelvic Floor exercises daily: Aim for 5 x 10secs (or as long as you can hold) and 5 x 5 fast contractions. Do this 3 times a day.
  • Walking daily: Start with 10-15 mins/day and add 5 minutes weekly, up to 30-40 minutes at 6 weeks.
6wks +



  • Postnatal Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Physio assessment: recommended anytime from 6 weeks. This is imperative before returning to any form of exercise. Our highly trained therapists are able to assess your pelvic floor and any abdominal separation using Real Time Ultrasound.
  • Mint Clinical Pilates: rehabilitate your pelvic floor and abdominal separation; Start regaining abdominal and back strength and return your posture to it's pre-pregnancy position. This will facilitate getting you back into regular exercise sooner! It's important that this phase is guided by a physiotherapist with the skills and knowledge of pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation, as some exercises may actually be detrimental and slow down the recovery process. Utilising Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector Pilates equipment. Your Postnatal Assessment will ensure each session is individualised for your body's needs. You can even bring Bub to the 1130am session on wednesday mornings.
  • Mums & Bubs Studio Sessions - after the first couple of months you may now be able to commence your return to regular exercise. Your pelvic floor and abdominal recovery is likely to be improving. The hormone 'Relaxin' (which softens your ligaments prior to giving birth) will be leaving the body, ensuring improved joint stability (though this is not completely restored for 9-12mths post birth). If you're ready to start improving your fitness and strength, you are now welcome in our Mums & Bubs Studio sessions - commencing exercise which is modified for your stage of pelvic floor and abdominal recovery. These sessions are high intensity (you'll work hard!), and low impact (pelvic floor friendly). Bring Bub - we have exclusive times which are 'baby friendly' - look for the 'BB' sessions on our timetables! You can expect all the fun and intensity of our regular classes, with Pelvic Floor friendly options, with bubby happily resting right beside you in the studio!