Aug 17, 2017

Getting back into exercise - where do I start??

Do you need to get back into exercise, but you're not sure where to start? We can help everyone, at any stage, get moving more! We all know it's important - you can reduce the risk of most major chronic diseases by up to 50%, with just 150 mins of exercise weekly. But sometimes we need a little help to get over some initial hurdles. That's where Mint Physio's can help!

Amber (Principal Physio)
Amber (Principal Physio)
Jun 7, 2017

'Boys Club' Pilates with Physio Rebecca

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Ideal for the men in our life who need to: - rehabilitate an injury (shoulder, knee, hip etc) - improve flexibility (great for the golf game!) - increase strength (safe resistance exercise builds muscle strength and maintains bones) - manage spinal pain (back, neck) - improve posture and mobility. Tues 8am available now! We're also considering opening up a 630am Thurs session. Expressions of interest being taken now.

May 1, 2017

Birthing tears, episiotomies and stitches 'down there'; the what, whys and how to get back in the saddle! (Liz Pavlovich APAM - Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist)

How long do my postnatal stitches take to go away? When might I be able to walk again? Are they going to burst when I go to the toilet? When can I have sex again (thinks no new mum right after having a baby….but at some stage you probably will!)?? Why is sex painful? Why is the scar still sore? A Continence & Women's Health Physio can answer all these questions and help get you 'back in the saddle'.

Amber (Principal Physio)
Amber (Principal Physio)
Apr 5, 2017

What to expect at your Mint Physio appointment?

Maybe you've never seen a physiotherapist before, or you'd just like to know what to expect from the expert team at Mint Wellbeing? Read on for all the answers!

Amber (Principal Physio)
Amber (Principal Physio)
Nov 22, 2016

Mint Physiotherapy & Breastfeeding

How can Mint Physio help breastfeeding mums??

As those of you who are in the throes of feeding your little ones know, breastfeeding is not always smooth sailing! Sometimes attachment is difficult, sometimes supply is 'slow' and sometimes we end up with blocked ducts or painful nipples. The good news is help is available! A qualified Lactation Consultant can help with attachment and give you lots of tips to build the right milk supply for your bub. And as usual, Physio can help reduce your pain. But did you know we also have other useful treatments to swiftly clear blocked ducts (associated with mastitis) and heal damaged nipples?

ULTRASOUND: Blocked milk ducts (felt as a lump in the breast) should clear within approx 3 feeds. After this time you should make an appointment asap with our experienced Physiotherapists who will teach you techniques to help at home and treat you with Therapeutic Ultrasound at Mint. This is a safe and painless procedure which helps open the blocked duct and improve milk flow. Caught early, this can prevent Mastitis (an infection requiring antibiotics).


If you already have signs of Mastitis (temperature > 38.5 deg, fever or flu-like symptoms, warm, red), you should see your doctor immediately for antibiotics. You can then commence treatment with our Physio's in 24 hrs.

Antibiotics attack the infection; coupled with ultrasound therapy your blockage will clear, making it less likely to re-occur, and returning your milk flow to normal.

LASER: a safe and painless procedure to heal cracked or grazed nipples and reduce pain. The ultraviolet light simply speeds up the body's natural healing process - it literally makes the cells work faster so you can heal better between feeds. It also happens to reduce nipple pain - an added bonus!

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: the fastest way to make an appointment is via our website or Mindbody app at any time. However, if you cannot get an appointment on the day, please contact us directly and we will do our best to get treatment started asap. Our Physio's know how effective immediate treatment is, and are very flexible.  

Results from both of these treatments can be seen after just one session, however often 2-3 treatments are required (ideally daily). These simple and effective treatments can allow mums to continue breastfeeding - help us spread the word and support breastfeeding mums!

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