Studio Sessions

Private studio with just 1-4 female participants
30mins High Intensity Interval Training

Specialised Women's Personal Trainers
All fitness levels welcome
New sessions weekly!

STEP 1  Book your FREE Pre-Exercise Health Screen
STEP 2  Book your choice of:
CardioBlast - TRX - ToneUp - BoxFit or Yoga
(your first studio session can  be straight after your health screening).

A total body workout developing strength, balance, flexibility & core stability simultaneously! 
TRX Suspension training uses gravity and body weight so you're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself. 
Whilst RIP Training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges, in every session!

High Intensity Interval Training - scientifically proven to be the fastest way to burn calories and increase fitness. Alternating short intervals of high intensity cardio & recovery allows you to work harder and is much more effective than 'steady state cardio' (long low intensity workouts). Just 30 minutes is all that's needed - work smarter, not longer!


Get strong and toned with 30 minutes of targeted muscle training. Our specialist women's trainer focuses specifically on the areas women want to tone up.
Building lean muscle means you burn more calories - even at rest! This style of training will not turn you into a body builder; just a lean, toned, strong woman.. and who doesn't want that!?

A high intensity cardiovascular workout designed to get your heart pumping and your body burning! Our Certified PunchFit Instructor ensures the 30 minute session is a great workout for all fitness levels. No equipment or experience necessary.


Our instructor was one of the first in WA to be certified in the world renowned 'YogaFit'; a contemporary teaching, based on the flowing Vinyasa style of Yoga.
We have adapted the ancient poses to reflect current knowledge of the human body, making this style accessible to all women. Our 30 minute stretch sessions focus on the common postural issues of today's busy women and combine flexibility, strength, endurance and balance moves, minimising the risk of injury.

FREE Pre-Exercise Health Screening
A requirement for all Mint participants, this internationally recognised tool is the gold standard in determining the right exercise intensity for you. A series of questions regarding your health, family history, as well as your blood pressure, weight & current exercise combine to highlight risks and opportunities. We happily invest this 10-15mins prior to your first session to also get to know you, help us understand your goals and answer any questions you may have about our sessions. Book your Pre-Exercise Health Screen NOW!


210 Queen Victoria St, Nth Fremantle

Our state of the art boutique studio offers a private & friendly environment - no competition, judgement, fads or cliques! We're all here to exercise for health, strength and to be able to enjoy life!

Low Impact options in every session
Every exercise has a 'low impact' option. Ideal for those unfamiliar with exercise, for the later stages of pregnancy or for our mature ladies. Whether you need Pelvic Floor friendly exercise or have joint or spinal pain exacerbated by impact, our sessions cater for you. The small group size ensures the trainer is able to give you plenty of attention and ensure you're safe.

Baby Friendly!
Mint offers exclusive session times for new mums! You can bring Bub along, to rest happily in the pram right beside you. Expect all the fun & intensity of our regular sessions, whilst bubby looks on. Recommended for 8wks+. (You can also attend 'Mint Mums' pilates sessions with bub - run by our Physio, these are the perfect way to rehab your pelvic floor and abdominals, and tone-up your whole body!).
Look out for 'BB' on the timetable to indicate our Baby Friendly classes.

What is a Studio Session?

  • Your choice of women's small group personal training:

TRX | CardioBlast | BoxFit | Tone-Up | Yoga

  • 30 minutes - Based on the priniciples of High Intensity Interval Training. Following this scientifically proven program allows you to get a greater workout in just 30 minutes, than you would normally get in a much longer period of time. There are numerous studies and an ever increasing body of evidence proving that interval training is undoubtedly the most efficient way to burn fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness and fire up your metabolism. It's all about working harder and smarter, maximising your free time to enjoy the other things you love in life!

Why Mint?

  • Exclusively limited to 1-4 female participants - so you get the attention you deserve.
  • FREE Pre-Exercise Health Screening - a validated tool which assesses the safest exercise for you. This takes just 10-15mins prior to your first sessions and is a requirement for all Mint participants. A series of questions regarding your health, family history, as well your blood pressure, weight & current exercise all help us to determine the right intensity for YOU. This is also a chance to get to know you, help us understand your goals and answer any questions you may have about our sessions.
  • New class every week - when you repeat the same training over and over again, your body actually becomes more efficient and ultimately burns less calories! By changing the exercises each week, we'll ensure your metabolism is burning hot!
  • All classes are reviewed by our physiotherapist ensuring you're always working out with maximum effectiveness & safety. Even if you are currently being treated by one of our Physio's, she will liase with our Personal Trainers to ensure you can continue to train well throughout any period of rehabilitation. We aim to always keep you moving!
  • flexible online booking - we know life is busy! Make your bookings when it's convenient for you: from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile whilst you're on the go. Our online booking system is available to you 24 hrs day - either book directly through our website or download the Mindbody Connect App, for the ultimate convenience.


  • Exclusive, state of the art studio in Nth Fremantle (4/210 Queen Victoria St). 


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